Precios en el ambito de un Perito Naval


Service Description Price Range (€)
Pre-purchase survey: Comprehensive inspection of a vessel to assess its condition and identify any potential problems before purchase. 500 – 2,000
Condition survey: Periodic inspection of a vessel to assess its current condition and identify any maintenance or repair needs. 300 – 1,500
Insurance survey: Inspection of a vessel for insurance purposes, typically required for obtaining or renewing marine insurance coverage. 400 – 1,800
Damage assessment: Inspection of a vessel after an accident or incident to assess the extent of damage and determine the necessary repairs. 500 – 2,000
Expert witness testimony: Providing expert testimony in legal proceedings related to maritime matters, such as collisions, salvage operations, or disputes over vessel ownership. 1,000 – 3,000 per day

Factors affecting price:

  • Size and type of vessel: Larger and more complex vessels typically require more comprehensive inspections and therefore higher fees.
  • Location of inspection: Inspections conducted in remote or overseas locations may incur additional travel expenses.
  • Scope of inspection: The specific services included in the inspection will influence the overall cost.
  • Experience and expertise of the surveyor: More experienced and specialized surveyors may command higher fees.
  • Urgency of the inspection: Expedited inspections may require premium pricing.
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